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employee helpline

Issues with your job?

When things go wrong at work it can feel impossible to solve the problems on your own.  That’s when you should call our Employee Helpline.

We are very experienced in resolving all types of employment disputes in a sensitive and caring manner that preserves the dignity of all parties.

Employee Helpline is run by Work Law, No Win No Fee Employment Law Advocates, NZ Wide.

Like an Employment Lawyer, an Employment Advocate can represent you in any employment law matter, but unlike lawyers we are able to do so on a No Win No Fee basis. Most of the time we can get your employer to pay your legal fees. If we can’t get your fees paid we take a percentage of what we get for you. This is called No Win No Fee.  We are always fair with our fees.

Do you want to know if you have a case?  It’s totally free to call us and tell us what’s happening, even if it’s not a case we can often help you move forward.

No Win No Fee

Employee Helpline is brought to you by Work Law Ltd, No Win No Fee Employment Advocates.

We're Experts

We are employment law advocates. We provide employment law services to New Zealand employees.


Kam Bailey

Kam Bailey

Senior Employment Law Advocate

Jenifer Silva

Jenifer Silva

Employment Law Advocate

Sandy Ward

Sandy Ward

Employment Law Advocate

May Moncur

May Moncur

Employment Law Advocate

Sheryl Richardson

Sheryl Richardson

Employment Law Advocate

Vanessa Goodman

Vanessa Goodman

Employment Law Advocate

Andrea Kelleher

Andrea Kelleher

Employment Law Advocate

Kate Hellen

Kate Hellen

Operations Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask us anything!  These are some of the most common things people ask us about.

No situation is the same so feel free to phone or email us and let us know about your own situation at work.

How much do you charge?

Wherever possible we are No Win No Fee. This means we assess your case carefully at no charge to you. If you have a case we act for you and if there is a financial outcome we either have your fees paid by your employer or we charge a percentage of what we win for you.

What if I want to stay in my job?

If we are helping you with a disciplinary process or other difficulties where we are not going for a financial outcome we charge an hourly rate. It’s still totally free to discuss your situation and we will always be very clear on what the fees will be. There are no surprises. For example, the fee for attending a disciplinary meeting is $300 + gst per hour.

What if I want to stay in my job?

If we are helping you with a disciplinary process or other difficulties where we are not going for a financial outcome we charge an hourly rate. It’s still totally free to discuss your situation and we will always be very clear on what the fees will be. There are no surprises. For example, the fee for attending a disciplinary meeting is $280 + gst per hour.

What do I do if I am being bullied at work?

Watch our helpful video for exactly how to deal with bullying at work. Keep notes of every incident of bullying. Record the date, what happened and who was there. The more notes you have the better.

If you are being bullied by another staff member or a manager you need to raise the issue, preferably in writing via email with the HR department or management.

Obviously it’s difficult if the bully is the owner of the company.  If this is the case call us now.

If the bullying is serious, for example violent and you don’t feel safe, please contact us first for advice. We are here to help and advise you.


I am on a 90 day trial, can I be dismissed without any warning?

If you are dismissed during your trial you should call us.
Your employer can dismiss you without giving you a reason, but you still have other rights. There are very strict rules around the use of a trial period. Please have your employment contract ready when you call us.

I'm being treated so badly I just want to resign.

Please don’t resign before calling us. If you have already resigned you can call us and tell us what happened and we can try and help but we are much more likely to be able to help you if you are still employed. If you have left your job already and think something was unfair you only have 90 days to raise any issues so don’t leave it too long to call us.

Don't resign before calling employee helpline

1000's of New Zealand employees per year trust us to help with their employment relationship problems.

We save careers and save people from employment relationships that have turned bad.   
Give us a call, you'll always be met with a friendly voice at the end of the phone.

You'll feel better once you ask for help.

I felt very understood, protected and supported.


Thank you Kam for being so supportive, patient and caring while communicating with me.

Kam not only has strong & impressive professional skills but also has a beautiful, kind and warm heart. I felt very understood, protected and supported. I highly recommend Kam100%!


So impressed with Andrea.


I have been very much impressed by the help and support I received. It made so much difference to know someone was listening and in my corner. Everything to do with my case was handled with care and explained fully with full transparency throughout the whole process. My advocate was just amazing in the way she not only advocated for me, but also how she supported me through out the whole process.

Emile V.

Kam gives clear and confident advice.


From the moment I called Kam for advice she was very clear and confident, which made me feel a lot better about my situation. Moving through the process everything was made clear which made a stressful situation less stressful! Kam was easy to deal with and very professional.

I would highly recommend Kam should you need any advice or support.

Simon K.

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrea


I recently had cause to seek legal assistance with a work situation. I contacted Work Law and was a put in touch with Andrea Kelleher . I cannot speak highly enough of Andrea. Her professionalism, attention to detail and approach ability were outstanding. I would highly recommend Andrea and Work Law for legal advise on any work related issues.

Robert C.

Exceptional professionalism.


I highly recommend Kam, for her exceptional service. She delivered results that exceeded expectations, demonstrated remarkable professionalism, and maintained communication throughout our engagement. Her guidance was invaluable in keeping me informed and ensuring I made the best decisions. The outcome of my case speaks volumes about her expertise and dedication to her clients.


I would recommend Jenifer to anyone.


Jenifer was straight to the point and you could she had the experience. Positive result all round and would recommend to anyone!

R. Isara

Very professional and experienced.


Was great pleasure working with May from Auckland, very helpful, professional, experienced staff able to resolve issues in a timely manner, and was able to maintain a high level of professionalism and service standards . Highly recommend.


Sandy takes you under her wing and makes everything better.


Sandy is very friendly and has a very calming presence which is so important at a stressful time. From the moment you speak to her you feel she takes you under her wing, & will make everything better. Her very pleasant manner (with me) was reassuring & she produced quick results. I was astounded at how quickly she got me out of a very nasty environment with a happy result.

George W.

Kam operated with efficiency and integrity


To anyone who is needing support with an employment issue, I would highly recommend Kam Bailey. Her approach enabled me to have input into how to best resolve my situation. She listened, empathised, was clear in her communication and operated with efficiency and integrity. I can’t thank you enough Kam.

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